March 25, 2022

3- Ways to tell if you have Blocked Drains

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Block Sewer Drain

In plumbing, the term Backflow is used to describe when water flows in the wrong direction. It means, water flows back up and out of your fixture, instead of flushing down your drain into your pipes.

Typically, there are two reasons Backflow usually happens:

  1. Backpressure, if the water is forced to flow in a direction it’s not meant to go, or

      2. Back-siphonage, that occurs if the pressure within your water supply is lower than the pressure within the system itself.

Whatever the reason is, you’ll want to fix your backflow problem. The major reason is, Backflow can introduce unclean water into your existing potable water and can also put your family’s health at risk. Fortunately, you can contact GAC Plumbing Company who will help you prevent backflow in your home’s plumbing.

But how would you know if your home or place has such an issue. Well, we here are some signs that you have a Backflow issue  and are facing Backflow problems.

Top Signs of Backflow Issues

By knowing what to look out for and how to perform proper maintenance, Backflow can be easily avoided. Here are the key signs to notice so that you can properly and easily diagnose the situation with backflow prevention.

A – Smell, Smell all around

When you walk into the bathroom, a few smells is quite normal, but if you notice very strong and sulfurous smells, that linger are the ones you have to be careful for. It signifies that there is some trouble on the line and could be a good indication that your lines are having a backflow problem.

B – Slow Water flow

It is one of the Possible Causes of Low Water Pressure. Well, this problem has 2 parts. One is if you notice increasing water levels in one part of the bathroom while levels in another area are reducing there could be an issue. Another one is if the drains just don’t drain properly or as quickly as they should.

C – Change in Color

You will most likely notice a change in the color of the water when you have backflow problems. Sometimes the watercolor change from clear to brown, sometimes it turns a shade of yellow and even pink based on the problem.

Well, all of the above mentioned signs can help you avoid huge costly plumbing repairs, just so long as you are on top of things and catch the problem before it can wreak havoc on your home as well as the wallet.


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